About Us

The Sports Family Club is dedicated to getting children involved in youth sports and activities to improve their health, development and well-being.

To execute our mission and vision, the activities that The Sports Family Club has provided, participated in, and will continue to participate in, will include, but not be limited to, the following:


The Sports Family Club provides a wide variety of educational sports clinics and camps, allowing children who want to improve in a sport the opportunity to do so. We hold clinics in areas that are currently under served by these types of events, creating new opportunities for fun, learning and health. Our camps and clinics are focused on helping the participant improve in their sport of choice while emphasizing the development of positive character traits within the participants. Our camps and clinics are available to all who are interested regardless of athletic ability, status or socio-economic condition.

The Sports Family Club provides intensive educational coaching clinics for the professional and volunteer adults/parents involved in youth sports, to advance the philosophy of The Sports Family Club and its specific educational priority on child development through positive sports experiences.

The Sports Family Club provides individual and small group instruction to young athletes in the community who are looking to improve with an emphasis on our philosophies to develop the well-rounded individual and participant. We cover sports-specific fundamentals and life lessons in a balanced and fun environment.

The Sports Family Club hosts local tournaments that gets kids involved and introduces them to sports and athletic activities, such as the “Pitch, Hit and Run” for baseball, “Punt, Pass and Kick” for football,” iHoops Skills Challenge” for basketball, golf instruction and tournaments, and other programs that bring children of all skill levels together.

The Sports Family Club partners with sports franchises or companies or other entities to recognize child participants and adults who share and embody our philosophy of sport and child development, providing this recognition to further our educational philosophy and mission.

The Sports Family Club develops relationships and partners with organizations such as NFL Play 60, MLB RBI (Reviving Baseball Inner Cities), NBA Cares, and others, to hold local events using the high profile influence of the professional athlete and organization in an effort to keep kids healthy on every level. We work with these organizations and their programs to reach as many children as possible.

The Sports Family Club maintains an educational website providing resources to parents, coaches, program administrators and participants in an effort to raise awareness of its mission as well as its events, programs and methods of participation.

The Sports Family Club works with School Districts and other after school programs to make organized youth sports available to every child who desires to play.

The Sports Family Club collaborates with other organizations, communities, entities and child-focused specialists (pediatricians, etc.) in an effort to raise awareness of the value of sport to advance child development as well as positive community values.

The Sports Family Club provides sporting goods equipment at favorable/discounted rates or at no charge to other non-profit organizations and underserved teams in order to ensure that children may participate in their desired sport and/or activity. The Sports Family Clubs works with youth leagues to distribute excess sporting equipment to underserved teams.

Please contact us here for more information, to help our mission, or to be a partner of ours. We'd love to have you be a part of our organization!


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