Rod Carew - MLB Hall of Famer

I didn't start to realize my potential until Billy Martin became my manager in Minnesota.  Billy told me that I had all the talent in the world but until I became a man I would never become a great player.  Billy was my first strong male role model.

Much of what I have accomplished on and off the field is because of the time and efforts Billy Martin put into me."

Rod Carew is regarded as one of the best hitters to ever play the game of baseball. Here he is with the Seven Silver Bats representing his seven batting titles. His career batting average of .328 ranks 37th of all-time. He collected 3053 hits in his 19 year career and was a first ballot inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991.

It is an absolute honor of the highest degree for The Sports Family Club to include Rod's knowledge of the game of baseball and how it can positively affect today's youth. Coach Mike Green has been a fan of Rod's the majority of his career and watched Rod play for the CA Angels numerous times when the coach was a young boy growing up in So. California. Rod will be contributing articles on hitting that we will post on a regular basis. Click here for his first article.

Coach Mike Green


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