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NFL All Pro Karl Mecklenburg - A Sports Parents Role

If you're a parent, I hope you will think about your dreams for your children, or at least evaluate how you will relate to your children and their desires.

As a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or other involved adult your role should be as part of children's support teams, helping them reach for THEIR dreams, not your dreams. A big part of their road to success will be goal setting, both by them and by you. If your child is an athlete, one of your goals could sound somethink like this: "At this weeks game I will be positive with everyone involved" or "At this weeks game I will talk to one of the lesser players, and let that child know how important they are to the success of the team."

By setting this type of goal you will be a leader by example for both your athlete and the other team parents.

From Coach Mike: It's an honor to have Karl Mecklenburg provide insight on young athletes and the parents role. He has written a terrific book on this subject called "Heart of a Student Atthlete". Please click on Karl's picture for a link to his website in order to learn more.


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