Nikki Stone - Gold Medal Olympian


“There is a very fine line between encouragement and pushiness when it comes to support. Most parents don’t have enough of the former or too much of the latter.

I am extremely fortunate that my parents knew how to support me while still making the goals my own. I have dedicated my book, When Turtles Fly, to my parents because all of the valuable lessons I discuss in the book were generated by the philosophies and principles they instilled in me. These lessons have helped me win an Olympic gold medal, develop a career as a successful motivational speaker, and publish a much-talked-about inspirational book. I hope I’m able to offer this same encouragement to my family.”

From the Coach: It's an honor to have Nikki on our site. The influence her parents had on her helped her become an Olympic Champion. Please support her and The Sports Family Club by reading her book When Turtles Fly. - Coach Mike Green


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