Doug Bernier - My Parent's Influence


Doug Bernier on his Parent's Influence

"I would have never had the opportunity to play professional baseball for 11 years and counting if it wasn't for my parents influence in my life.

They always supported and never pushed me when it came to sports. My dad told me at an early age that if I ever wanted to practice throwing, hitting, or anything all I had to do was ask. In the time I lived at home growing up he never said "no".

He also told me that he would never come to me to get me to practice, it was all my decision. I believe this helped me develop an internal drive that continues to push me today. If I needed his push to get me going I would have never made it in this game. My mom would drive me to and from practices and neither of them missed a game. They were willing to help me in anyway possible to help me achieve my dream of playing professional baseball. They helped me develop good sportsmanship as well as learn all they could or find the right person to help me better my physical skills. I find it special that they still listen to all my games over the internet. I feel so blessed to have such supportive parents, and I applaud what the Sports Family Club does in emphasizing the role of family in the success young athletes."

Doug Bernier, Founder of Pro Baseball Insider and professional baseball player

Pro Baseball Insider is a tremendous resource for baseball players at any level. They provide quality tips and videos for free on how to play the game like the pros. Please visit the site and sign up for their blog, you won't be disappointed.

It's an honor of ours to add Doug to our list of professional athletes supporting the mission of The Sports Family Club. Coach Mike


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