Training Options

The Sports Family Club provides multiple youth sports training options along with expert guidance for your son or daughter. We train teams, groups, coaches (any level), and existing & beginning sports organizations – in a variety of sports. 

  • One-on-One Young Athlete Training
  • Team or Any-size Group Training
  • New Coach Training: One-on-One and Group
  • Sports Organization Consultation
  • The Club’s Exclusive “Sports Family” Consultation

For Young Athletes, the focus is always on proper fundamentals and proven drills and exercises which ensure success and confidence for your child whether it’s on the baseball/softball diamond, on the basketball hardwood, or the football field.

The Sports Family Club is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind “Sports Family” Consultation. This is an in-home/phone consultation with Mike “The Coach” Green, the Club’s founder, which focuses on getting all your questions – and your child’s questions – answered in detail. And to help determine your child’s interest in a particular sport or sports. The Club endeavors to help and advise everyone involved from the very beginning – so you all start off on the “right foot.”

For the “already-involved” Sports Family, the consultation addresses aspect difficulties within a particular sport and communication problems between athlete and coach, parent and coach, and athlete to athlete – along with many other unique situations. The Coach’s long experience has given him a depth of insight into just about every type of coach and athlete out there. The Coach can definitely help.

The Club has many trusted and well-respected coaches and associates to provide the best guidance possible when working with your child. And the best part is: they all share Mike Green’s philosophy of positive re-enforcement and enjoyment and love of your game choice.

Please contact the coach for details and availibility.


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