Baseball Gear to Nicaragua - serving others in need

We are improving the lives of children in Nicaragua through youth sports

Have you ever wondered if you could do some good with the old sports gear your child has grown out of or the gear from a sport your child has lost interest in?

Children all over the US and the world are in need of sporting goods gear. While most of us have the means to buy a new pair of cleats, tennis racket, baseball glove, a new football or soccer ball. A much larger number of children are playing with very poor quality gear or no gear at all. 

In many parts of the country and the world youth sports is a luxury, not a form of recreation. Lack of funding has driven school based sports programs into the private sector and many children miss out on opportunities because they can't afford to participate in these activities.

At The Sports Family Club we are doing things to improve the situation! We have collected used baseball gear from local little leagues, friends and high schools. We are shipping this gear to Nicaragua and the Nicaragua Baseball Academy. With the help of Robertos' Kids, started by Roberto Clemente, the great hall of fame player for the Pittsburgh Pirates who tragically died on a humanitarian mission to central America we met the Nicaragua Baseball Academy. 

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere only behind Haiti. Below is a picture of the typical living conditions.


We shipped 17 boxes of gear on January 21st, 2013 below is a picture of the boxes as they were being loaded onto the truck.


The Sports Family Club is honored to be able to enrich the lives of these children by simply taking the effort to make it happen. It is not easy, nor is it cheap. Shipping boxes of helmets, gloves, balls, bats, cleats, bags and catchers gear takes money and a cooperative effort from many people. We are fortunate to have people who have contributed and who believe in helping others any way they can.

Here is a the Academy issuing gear to kids last year. This year they will be heading to the Atlantic side of the country to provide the gear to children in an area which is very poor and in great need of this type of assistance.


Please help us make these children in Nicaragua happy by enriching their lives through the game of baseball by making a small donation here. Any amount will help. If you are in a corporation that would be interested in helping with this effort, we would love to have you as a partner.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Thank you,

Coach Mike Green

Founder - Executive Director 

The Sports Family Club "Enriching lives through sports and activities"



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