Baseball is America’s pastime and a great game for people of all ages.

Many people cannot understand the fascination with Baseball that so many of us hold. They say it is boring, that it takes forever to play, that the players are merely specialists, and not well rounded athletes.

However Baseball is much more than that for those who have played or coached. For some, baseball is life. For others baseball is nine players, each with their own responsibility on “the diamond” that when everything comes together just right is like watching a well choreographed production.

Many great athletes hold a place in our hearts due to their performances on the baseball field. From Babe Ruth with his immense power and skill, to Joe DiMaggio’s consistency to Ted William’s pure and perfect swing. People say watching Bob Gibson take command of a game from the mound was a thing of beauty. It has been said that the power, longevity and tenacity that Nolan Ryan carried on the mound will never be matched.

The stars of today’s game are creating their own legacy, like Albert Pujols who has been near the top of the league in average, home runs and rbi’s since his rookie year. Or Alex Rodriguez, whom many claim will be the one to break Barry Bonds home run record. One of today’s greatest baseball stars is Greg Maddux who announced his retirement this year after 23 seasons. He never struck fear in batters from a power standpoint but was the greatest pitcher of his generation winning 355 games and four Cy Young awards by out thinking the batter.

That is what makes baseball a great game. You do not have to be the biggest, strongest, fastest or most powerful to become great. To succeed in baseball your desire must exceed all of your physical gifts.


Here's (L-R) Austin, Ando and Cam practicing their pitching, with Coach Dave checking the progress.


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