11-12 yrs old - Now we're playing Baseball

The ages of 11-12 for a ball player usually end up as some of their fondest memories. Whether it be a great play during the regular season, being chosen for the all-star team, or a run at a tournament championship, usually you start to see baseball being played as it was designed at this age. The players also recognize that they are playing at higher level. This is the ages of players you see on TV in the Little League World Series.

This is the age when some ballplayers will be able to hit a home run over the fence just like they have seen on TV or at a game played at higher levels. For those who have hit a baseball over the fence, the feeling you get when you know it's cleared the fence is hard to describe. An equal feeling for a pitcher might be getting the third out with bases loaded and your team is up by a run. Or an outfielder running as fast as he can diving to catch a ball in the gap before it drops for the third out.

These are the moments that make baseball great, and make the game different from any other game.

Check back with "The Club" to learn the techniques that will help you develop a powerful swing, or a untouchable fastball, or the ability to turn a nice double play...


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