Action Sports

This section is dedicated to all the different sports that fuel us and keep us active. Many Action Sports are not quite as mainstream, or popular as team sports, but they are very important to many people. If you or your child is interested in these kind of sports, you should be very happy. They are doing something they have a passion for and they are active, which normally means they will be healthier. The worst thing you could do is discourage them. Encourage them and watch their interest grow. There are many successful people affiliated with these sports in the world today. They are typically very happy people because they are living a life doing something they love.

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These sports are really more of a lifestyle. Although Baseball, Football, Basketball, Softball and the other major sports are lifestyles these other or "alternative"sports typically take people to other levels of feeling.

These sports typically connect you with nature, rarely have large crowds or require others to be involved.

These are sports and activities you should be doing with your children beyond the traditional sports world. These sports teach them to appreciate nature and how to accomplish things on an individual basis, versus the lessons learned in a team environment.

This section will focus on Surfing, Skiing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Kayaking, Fishing, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Motocross and many more.

Have you ever: Been in a barrell, completely surrounded by water, being propelled by mother nature? Launched off a ledge into fresh powder, like falling into a pillow? Held your body weight with one hand, looking for that other hold? Pushed the pedals up a hill where every stroke was torture and pain to get to the top and felt the uncompromised sense of accomplishment when you got there? What about hooking into a big trout on clear mountain stream or lake? What about bombing down a big hill on a longboard, reaching that edge of control? Or popped a big air at your local skatepark?

Connect with us, tell us what your lifestyle is, what drives you! What sport or activity do you enjoy on the weekend, or in your spare time? What sport do you spend all your extra money on? What fuels you? What is your passion?

Send us a picture and a story about it, maybe we'll post it here. Help us develop this part of "The Club" into what you want it to be!

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THAT is what this section of the Club is dedicated to!


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