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Mike Green has been my baseball and basketball coach at school as well as my league football coach for the last two years. He is my favorite because he is a good teacher and explains plays and drills well. He believes in working hard and in giving 100% all the time. He keeps games in perspective while teaching us to learn from our mistakes. He tells jokes and makes team members laugh. He encourages team sportsmanship and competitiveness.  What makes Mike special is that he cares for each individual player and has a bond with each one.
Reilly R. - Age 13



I wanted you to know how much your efforts as the Head Coach of the Boulder Bears 12-year-old competitive football club are appreciated. My son, Blake, absolutely loved playing for you. He grew both as a football player and as a young man under your direction. As you know, I have had the unique opportunity to work with coaches at both the intercollegiate and professional level as a former collegiate student-athlete and athletics administrator. The great coaches I have witnessed all have a love for their players and a desire to see potential fulfilled. You displayed both of those traits consistently this season while working with 11 and 12-year-old boys. Not an easy task! Thank you for your outstanding effort, organization and enthusiasm! We look forward to future opportunities to work and play with you.

Doug Montgomery


My Coach Mike Green

Mike Green has been one of the most inspiring and funny coaches I have ever had. At times he is serious, but I think that every coach needs this quality to get the team back into line. The thing that I like most about Mike is that no matter what the drill is or thing you are doing, he can always make it fun. He has been one of the most influential coaches I have ever had, not only for baseball, but for all the other sports I play too.

A. Hill, Age 13



I am pleased to be writing this testimonial for Mike Green and The Sports Family Club. I have known Coach Green for four years where he was instrumental in developing our baseball teams through Little League regular play, Districts, the State tournaments and Triple Crown Tournament baseball. Coach is a diligent, tireless worker who cares about the players, their experiences and how they are achieving, both on and off the field. Sportsmanship and quality play are emphasized in fun, purposeful drills and games. Coach knows how to encourage struggling players to achieve their best and pushes all to achieve their best. All efforts are honored and validated by Coach. Coach has good communication skills with parents. Coach sets an example, knows game strategies and situations and is a team player. Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time with Coach Green and is a better player, teammate and person for all of his help.

Mara Frazier, Boulder CO


Coach Mike. He was one of the best coaches I have ever had. He is great with kids and always keeps you on track. Coach Mike has a great sense of humor too, and always has fun. He will do anything for his team and never gives up. He also inspired me in our team’s time of doubt. However, he is no joke. Coach Mike always threw batting practice when he has there. Mike also kept you alert by buzzing a few inside and occasionally hitting you, but hey, “hate the game, not the player”. I also have to thank him, because he has made me into a better player, person and, a better learner too. He also has a great baseball mind and is the best third base coach ever! He always knew the batter’s ability in hitting, bunting, speed and, base running IQ. He knows when to take a risk and is always optimistic when it doesn’t work. Lastly, he got personal with every single player by making a homerun handshake for all of our homerun hitters and with some inside joke for all the others. He is always in it, always in the game and he sometimes, even got more excited then we did! Overall, Coach Mike is a great baseball coach and friend.

Cameron Frazier - Age 13



I have had the opportunity of knowing Mike Green for the past 5 years, interacting with him as a Coach and admiring him as a parent. Coach Green has been able to masterfully maneuver his way down the fine line of being a Coach and being a parent. His knowledge of sports (team concepts, drills, techniques, plays, etc.) coupled with his understanding of how to communicate and motivate kids has enabled him to be in a position of respected Coach and trusted mentor to many kids. His knowledge of everything, from how to run a practice to picking the right sport for your kid, will be an invaluable resource for any parent/coach involved in youth sports.

T Walsh


Dear coach Green, I"m writing a testamonial for your website. I like to just remind you how much I liked you as a coach. Mike Green was one of my favorite coaches I've ever had. His tough but supportive style helped us become a team that came out of the darkness and improve by ten fold from where we were at the beginning of the season. His careful tuning of our team made us better people.

Rainer Wasinger Age 11 Orioles Baseball


We have had the pleasure of having Coach Green coach, or better stated, teach our Son the sports of Football and Baseball and we could not be happier with the results. We have found Coach Green to not only have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of these sports, but more importantly he understands how to communicate with the kids in a positive and uplifting manner whereby they have fun while learning how to play the game. Coach Green firmly believes in enhancing a child’s self esteem so they have a positive sports experience to carry with them into adult life. We highly recommend Coach Green to any new parents just starting out in youth sports as a valuable resource to guide you through the oftentimes perplexing parenting decisions you will be faced with as your Son or Daughter encounters both success and failure in youth sports.

Jeff and Jennifer Davis, Boulder, Colorado.


Coach Mike Green is an outstanding Coach. He was my Football and Baseball Coach in the past year. He is hardworking, tough, inspiring, nice, and his perseverance in coaching me made me have more of a positive attitude toward sports. I am very happy with the way he has teached me to just have fun and give it your best effort."

Josh Davis, Boulder, Colorado


Mike Green is one of the most passionate youth sports enthusiasts I know—passionate to see kids grow, excel at the skills of the game, and carry the lessons of sports on into life. I have coached against him, served as a board member with him, and enjoyed his drive for excellence and sense of humor. Whether your kids are just starting out or need some new pointers, Mike’s experience will help them improve towards their goals!

Rick Killian Former youth coach and umpire coordinator


Mike is a phenomenal coach. He has a keen understanding of fundamentals and strategy of football. Mike is also very organized, fun to coach with, and earns the respect of his teams. Combining this with his passion for sports and a great ability to motivate, educate, and communicate with kids, makes Mike truly outstanding! The seasons I co-coached with Mike were a real treat. Our teams reached their full potential and we definitely furthered our kids passion and excitement for sports."

Owen Hammond, youth football coach (and business manager)


I coached with Mike Green in 2008 in South Boulder Little League All-star team. It was a season to remember. The team went to the state tournament under Mike's direction. Mike's knowledge of baseball and how to teach it was responsible for improving the skill and the abilities of all the players on the team that propelled them in achievements beyond what they thought they could accomplish. His drills and tips for all aspects of baseball definetly helped my son improve is hitting and fielding skills not only for the All-star team but for all 3 years of his Little League experience. He also worked with my younger son and improved his hitting ability and he made the 8-9 All-star team. I've known Mike for the past 3 years and have watched his coaching ability. His ability to communicate with the youth athlete makes it easy for the kid to buy into what he is teaching.

Jeff Twist


"I learned a ton from coach Mike in both baseball and football. He expected my best and we had a lot of fun."


Luke Bukowski - Age 13


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